3) Steve Bourque

7) Steve Armstrong

1) Michael

2) Liz Sumner

6) Traci Booth

4) Elizabeth Nieckoski

Steve ArmstrongMichael CohenTraci BoothLiz SumnerElizabeth NieckoskiMichael NieckoskiSteve Borque

Fuzzy Logic is a musical septet whose original songs, by Michael Cohen, probe deep into the recesses of pop culture, and pay homage to a wide spectrum of popular music styles. Cohen’s music ranges from samba, to beatnik jive, to Gilbert & Sullivan, to heart breaking country-rock, to Cajun, to Doo-wop to the completely unclassifiable.

Based in Southwest New Hampshire, the band has been performing since 1995. Vocalists Liz Sumner, Elizabeth Nieckoski, and Traci Booth trade off leads while lacing intricate interweaving 3-part harmonies. Guitarist Michael Cohen displays his wide knowledge of fingerpicking styles, expertly blended with Michael Nieckoski’s acoustic and electric guitar work, and occasional percussion. Underscoring it all are the shifting multilayered rhythms of drummer/ percussionist Steve Bourque and Steve Armstong on bass.

Fuzzy Logic’s music is wacky, haunting, thought-provoking and always entertaining. Their cd, Almost, recorded by David Teubner of www.KeeneOnline.com, was released in November 2007. They are currently in the studio working on the next project.

5) Michael Nieckoski

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