Elizabeth Nieckoski

In her first year of college, Elizabeth decided that music was much more fun than microeconomics. So, she took a risk. With one course of music theory in her bag she headed off to Berklee College of Music. No, she didn't sing jazz - but found her niche as a singing actress - performing recitals and Performance Center shows built on themes and “character” songs. After receiving her degree in arranging, she headed off to New York and performed in the NYC cabarets - Panache, Don't Tell Mama, SNAFU but decided a family and trees and grass were much more to her liking than the streets of NYC.

A twenty-year resident in southern New Hampshire she has performed with local theater groups - productions including - Guys and Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors, Cabaret, Moon Fever, Jacques Brel, and Working. Elizabeth has created several solo cabaret shows with themes as varied as domestic violence, social identity, words of Fran Landesman, and of course - relationships. She was a member of Main Street Broadway for several years.

In real life, she began a new career in information technology at Keene State College in 2006 after 20 years as a high school and college Registrar. She is the mother of Eleanor (20), Riley (15), Lucia (13) and three cats and is married to one of the Michaels in Fuzzy Logic. She loves to garden, read, travel - and sing.