Liz Sumner

Liz started singing with her sisters around the kitchen table as her father played the autoharp and taught them songs he'd learned from his father. That's probably where she developed her freakishly good ear for harmony and her preference for singing with others instead of solo.

One pre-Cohen highlight of her career was singing with her Friday night poker group back in Eugene, Oregon and their medley of “Little Drummer Boy” and “Papa-Ooh-Mau-Mau.” (Liz has a secret dream of singing back-up with an oldies band).

One Sunday in October of 1987 she joined her ex-brother-in-law, Glenn Austin for an afternoon of music in his garage and met Michael Cohen. Along with Bobbie Vollendorff they formed the band Lip Service, released two albums, Love & Romance Game and Like Magic, both recorded by Rick Ruskin of Lion Dog Studio in Seattle. Lip Service delighted audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for six years.

In 1994 Michael and Liz moved to New Hampshire. It took Michael more than a year to convince Liz that they should perform as a duo. They started Fuzzy Logic and tried the local folk scene. It wasn't the right fit for Michael's music. One nice byproduct-- they met drummer Steve Bourque at an open mike and became friends.

In 1998 Liz and Michael released Doing the Best I Can. It was well-received and got nationwide radio play on college stations. Fuzzy Logic took on some different players over the years. (You may find vestigial web pages if you search). Steve Bourque joined in 2000. Elizabeth and Michael Nieckoski joined after Elizabeth starred in Michael Cohen's first musical, Moon Fever. That gave Liz the opportunity to harmonize again and life was good. It got even better when dear friend and stage buddy, Traci Booth wanted to join in.

“I love arranging and making music with these people. It is a tremendous joy. We're told that it shows.”