Steve Bourque

Art, Music, Mechanical Design, Marriage, Fatherhood, Theatre, Comedy and Strip tease?

Life is improv - and like his drumming, Steve is making it all up as he goes along.

From Led Zeppelin to Light Jazz, with a pit-stop for some polkas - his tastes defy boundaries.

Playing since his early teens, and with several "sort-of" working band experiences under his belt, Steve is relatively un-phased by whatever musical style or twisted time signature Mr. Cohen throws at him.

Then Steve turned 40 and lost it! - Howsíbout acting? Sure why not.

ìSo - I'm typecast! From the towering Chief Bromden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to The Crucible as Hopkins, one of the court's "stand-around-and-look-intimidating" hired goons. Steve is happy to fill these XL roles with his gi-normous self. However, at 6'-6" he is apparently too tall to be a Blue Man as he recently found out when auditioning at an open call for the popular theatre group (6'-1" max). He was also cast as the dis-embodied voice of God (probably not typecasting) in BRT's Bingo an original one act play written and directed by Carrie Kidd.

Now throw in some comedy improv for local cable TV and an on-stage variety show featuring a laugh-riot version the Full Monty routine. I think you can see where this is going ñ absolute inhibition!

Along with spending some of his "spare?" time as drummer for "Fuzzy Logic", Steve has provided percussive support for dozens of local projects including the "Just Desserts" benefits and the Keene Music Festivals as well as the Small Pond productions of Moon Fever, The Neon Coconut, and A Very Ninja Christmas - all original musical comedies from Fuzzy front man Michael Cohen.

Steve spends the weekdays sitting in front of a computer venting his creativity into his role as freelance product development consultant and shares all of his non-fantasy life with his outrageously supportive family in the woods of Peterborough NH.