The New Frontier

I've tried so many times to open hearts and expand minds
But there's just so much a school teacher can do
Guess I'll learn from this disaster someday find some greener pasture
Where folks don't have such a narrow point of view

They say, the world out there is changing
The familiar getting stranger every day
Out there there is no status quo
And no one cares much if you go astray
Here in this town I'm in
They warmly smile and welcome you
As long as you think like they do, you're just like kin
But if you're somewhat color blind
Or if you've got an open mind or a darker skin
It's like you're a prisoner here far from the new frontier

They say, a bright new sun is rising
Just beyond that dim horizon far away
A new day has already dawned
A brilliant sunrise just beyond the gray
I hear a distant call
While here they watch you like a hawk
Especially if you don't talk with a Southern drawl
I wish that I could break the rules
But I'm teaching in their goddamn schools, after all
I wish I could disappear off to that new frontier

They say, in peace we'll live together
Even birds not of a feather one fine day
And someday, maybe even soon
A man will walk on that cold moon so far away
you know I'm longing still
For the day I leave this town behind
To find a shining city on a distant hill
But it's not there on any map
It might be found I fear perhaps it never will
But still I'll search far and near across the new frontier