A Dream Come True

A house in the hills, A fence 'round the yard
It's like a dream come true
Picnics on Sunday, And maybe one day
Just think, a little package in pink or blue
We'll pay all the bills And not work too hard
It's swell to be well to do
We'll wake every morning and we'll rub our eyes
This must be a dream 'cause it's paradise
But better than a dream by a light-year or two
This is a dream come true

A two car garage Where we'll park our cars
It's like a dream come true
Wall to wall carpet Cute little house pet
A Chow or a Chihuaha or Cockapoo
It's not a mirage A wish on the stars
A fleeting thought we pursue
It's like we'll be living in some fairy tale
It's heaven on earth, it's our holy grail
Dear, this is like a bolt that came out of the blue
This is a a dream come true

Remember how we struggled And scraped to get by
It's some kind of miracle we didn't both die
Remember how we snuggled Together all night
just to keep warm That was all right
But when the snow outside is flying And I'm curled up like a cat
I'd rather I were lying, taking a nap Right in luxury's lap

We'll swim in our pool Play pool in the den
It's like a dream come true
Turn on the hi-fi Dancing with my guy
Invite our best friends over for barbeque
Please don't be a fool One stroke of the pen
And darling we start anew
Now could any genie in a bottle grant
A wish grand as this, I'm quite sure he can't
Here's our little love nest where we'll bill and coo
This is a dream come true