1) Blue
Blue as a lonely girl can be, poor me
Every day, day and night
I keep looking for a guiding light

2) But all I get is
As the deepest lonely sea, that's me
Where the sun just won't shine
On this lonely little heart of mine

Like some ingenue
I had trust in you
I was mistaken evidently
Now I find I'm permanently

3) Blue
Who else could break this heart so true, but you
Some get love, some get fame
What I get always remains the same

I strike a cheerful pose
Glasses tinted rose
But sad to say the greenest blade of
Grass I see is still a shade of

4) Blue
Who else could paint my world that hue, but you
Anger's red, envy's green
All those other colors can't be seen
Cause all I get is blue
All I Get is blue
All I get is blue