1) Your eyes aren't quite the right shade of brown
But they'll do late at night when the lights are turned down
Your hair is all wrong several inches too long
And parted on the wrong side
Your face is too lined, your voice is too deep
But with enough wine and half asleep
I could be satisfied

Those are almost the words that he used to say
He'd reach out and touch me in almost that way
And when I'm almost certain that I want you to stay
My heart always calls my bluff
'Cause almost isn' enough

2) You're trying your best, I suppose it's unfair
That I'm still obsessed with someone who's not there
Your kisses are sweet and when our lips meet
My heartache almost disappears
You hold me too tight when I start to cry
And all through the night it feels as if I
Will never run out of tears

That was almost his smile but it wasn't quite right
That was almost the way he would kiss me goodnight
And I've almost fallen for you, but not quite
For when it comes to love
Almost isn't enough