1) Betty's in bondage,
Betty's alone
It is my fond wish
to make her my own
Betty will scream in vain, tied in chains
Who'll explain such an outrage
I cannot bear it, I turn the page

2) Betty on blankets out by the shore
Men want to spank it, I wonder what for
Betty is haunting me, taunting me
Flaunting her innocent charms
Betty belongs right here in my arms

I was lucky to find her
In the pages of Male Point of View
In Slick and Stare, Risk and Romp
She and Show, Wink and Flirt, Nineteen Fifty Two

3) Betty is blameless just trying to please
Don't call her shameless, she is no tease
Betty is on her back, in the sack
Dressed in black, cute as can be
Betty looks lonely
I bet she'd like me
Betty is lonely Sha la la la, do wah
Betty's in bondage