1) Here’s a little trick that I learned the day I was born
One December morn
Feeling kind of sick since my umbilical cord
Had just been cruelly shorn
So I opened up my little mouth and then
Took in a big gulp of Oxygen
Exhaled all that useless Nitrogen
Then I did the whole routine again and again

Breathing is the only way your body can ever succeed
In cheating death
So just give a little word of thanks when you feel the need
To take another breath

2) Here’s a little tale that I heard and couldn’t forget
At least not yet
In a little Himalayan vale in far-off Tibet
As high as you can get
There lived a Buddhist monk so jive
That he had his friends bury him alive
But after a month he was revived
And here’s what he said when they asked him how he survived

3) There’s a little moral to this song, we hope you’ll excuse
Our stating our views
We will never quarrel that you have the right to abuse
Your body as you choose
But if, when you walk too fast you pant
Because you smoke, want to quit, but can’t
Better listen to the chorus that we chant
Before you need to have a lung transplant