Catch Me If I Fall

Climbing up a mountain way too tall
I'm quite certain that I won't be scared
If you'll be there to catch me if I fall
Someday I might be flying, down below things look so small
I won't even need a wing or prayer
I'm well aware my darling after all
You'll catch me if I fall

It's perilous, we've long been told we might
End up just like Icarus
If we fly so way up high, a bit too near the sun
Look out below cause here I come

I'm laughing, falling like a cannonball
I don't even need a parachute
Because there's no dispute that when I call
You'll catch me if I fall

How would I cope, if suddenly I found
That I was on a tightrope
Worse yet, it seems the net, it has been taken away
Can you imagine my dismay

I'm dancing, having myself quite a ball
I don't think about the ground below
Because I know you know the protocol
You'll catch me if I fall, you'll catch me if I fall