Complicated People

1) Complicated people
Feel a flicker of desperation
In situations they cannot control
Complicated people
Trapped in social situations
Sometimes feel they've fallen down a rabbit hole
By a world that can't understand them
They refuse
All attempts at intimacy
By the many slights people hand them
Who demean or remand them
Without the least apology

2) Complicated people
They don't know how to show their feelings
Which they prefer concealing deep inside
Complicated people
Find emotions unappealing
Most especially the ones they cannot hide
Don't touch
Trying to entice them is risky
They would much
Rather you just left them alone
As such
If you try to ply them with whiskey
No, they do not get frisky
It's more like they have turned to stone

3) Complicated people
Don't have patience for get-togethers
Don't brag about their clever sale of stock
Complicated people
Never chat about the weather
They don't really see the point in idle talk
Don't dare
Speak to them of feelings too freely
They can't bare
Someone getting into their head
'Cause they simply don't care, not really
Might as well speak Swahili
They haven't heard a word you said

4) Complicated people
Never will be the greatest lovers
Still I wonder why the world can't see
Complicated people
Are just better than the others
I mean complicated people like me