Drifting Apart

Oh I am aching, I feel the sands are shifting
Oh dear, I fear we're drifting apart
My heart is breaking, my spirits aren't lifting
Oh dear, it's clear we're drifting apart
Once when we were young lovers
We acted and thought as one
But now each day I discover
We're torn even more asunder

I've been insistant, that we must share our feelings
Oh dear, he's not revealing his heart
He seems so distant, what is it he's concealing
I'm weary of this drifting apart
The life that we shared together, is it going up in smoke
It seems it is hardly ever
Our thoughts are even spoken

We're drifting apart, it seems nearly always
When we pass in the hallways, we smile awkwardly
The love in our hearts, it no longer guides us
The gulf that divides us, as deep as the sea

He's home so rarely, drops by to pay a visit
Oh dear, I fear we're drifting apart
I play solitaire and can't help but wonder is it
Too late for us to make a new start
Watching him used to delight me, now I just avert my eyes
Like ships passing in the night we
Sail towards different horizons

I fear we're drifting apart
I fear we're drifting apart