Fighting Over Me

There's an angel whispering in one ear, and a devil whispering in the other
Says the devil "Go and just have fun, Dear"
Says the angel "You must mind your mother"
How am I supposed to know which one to listen to
Should I be like Pinnochio do what I want to do
Or should I be the sweet young girl they all want me to be
There's a devil and also an angel and they're fighting over me

"Be a good girl" I hear from my teachers , "Mind your manners, always pay attention
We have tried our very best to reach her , but she always ends up in detention"
When their lecturing is done I hang my head in shame
Though I just want to have some fun I always get the blame
Some teachers say "more discipline" and some say "let her be"
I've got lots and lots of mixed up teachers and they're fighting over me

So I screw up a little every now and then
Must they remind me of it time and time again
They all want me to be a perfect little she
Maybe some day they'll see
That I'm just who I am

There are times Mom tells me I should do "this"
While I'm told to do "that" by my father
Who to please, well, I'm completely clueless
And so most times I don't even bother
I don't really know which one's
Advice to take to heart
I mostly feel like hiding 'cause
I am so torn apart
I don't want either one to win
A clear cut victory
There's my mother fighting with my father
And my teachers fighting with my teachers
And a devil fighting with an angel
And they're fighting over me