Where is the Christmas cheer
'Cause in my ear all that I hear is
“Gimme, gimme, gimme” yeah
With smiles insincere,
Their message nearly always is
“Gimme gimme gimme gimme”
Don't give a hoot, if there will be
A pile of loot waiting under the tree
You sure don't need all this useless junk
It's all just greed, it's all just bunk

Don't want to sing along
It seems so wrong the song is always
“Gimme, gimme, gimme” yeah
Temptation's awful strong
The throng is longing for more
“Gimme gimme gimme gimme”
They want that buck, they're on the make
Won't give a sucker an even break
Please don't give up, please never give in
It's so corrupt, you'll never win

Commercials fill the airwaves
Where they're always blaring
“Gimme, gimme, gimme”, yeah
Peace on Earth ain't got a prayer
If all we care about is
“Gimme gimme gimme gimme”
Give me a break, won't give an inch
I won't partake, so call me a grinch
Give credit where, all the credit is due
They like to snare, little kids like you

What's wrong with wanting things
Life's not a bed of roses
I like what Christmas brings
Not just the reindeer noses
I like having stuff
I can't get enough
It would be so rough
to have to live without it

I like junk