I was feeling all forlorny, and so sorry for myself
Wishing I could be, anyone but me
Now I know that this sounds corny, 'cause I'm sure not Santa's elf
Now I clearly see, giving is a sure-fire remedy

When you're feeling somewhat greedy
Give something to someone needy
It is healing, yes indeedy, I'll gladly testify
Hope I don't sound like your Granny
Or a song kids sing from Annie
But this feeling's so uncanny
You should give it a try

When you've given up hope, and just sit and mope
Don'cha be such a dope, go out and be a giver
You won't know 'til you've tried, you will be gratified
You'll be tingly inside, when those gifts you go deliver

I am not a sermonizer
But I'm older now and wiser
So please don't be miser
Share your fortune with a friend
Hope that I don't sound too preachy
But a lesson this did teach me
And it turned out ginger-peachy
For us in the end

Even when it's not Yule, You also can rule
'Cause giving is cool, just how much really surprised me
It was quite excellent, and this blessed event
Makes me confidant they will someday canonize me

What's that sound, I clearly hear it, sounds so close I must be near it
It's the sound of Christmas spirit, winging through the air
There is something somewhat healing, about this giving feeling
It is really quite appealing, and something we all should share