1) Hooray
Who says that life can't be better
If you're a real live go-getter
All your fantasies can come true
If you've been thinking that you've
Climbed high as you can up the ladder
Falling is no laughing matter
Now I'm telling you what to do

Just take my hand
We'll dance a cha-cha that says life is grand
We'll barely notice that there is no band
We're dancing anyway
Let the good times begin
Open the window let those bad times out
I don't believe that I can hold it in
I want to shout

2) Hooray
We'll put the hard times behind us
Certain that bad luck won't find us
And remind us what we've been through
I want to shout and jump for
Joy, Boy if you feel what I'm feeling
Certainly your head is reeling
This is surely one heady brew

Just take my hand
We'll order champagne and Chateaubriand
We'll celebrate 'til we can barely stand
Our hearts will fly away
We'll hire a limousine
Ignore the chauffeur as he drives about
You'll be my king and I will be your queen
And we will shout

3) Hooray
Doubts will no longer assail me
I'd say it but the words fail me
Guess there's only one thing that's left to say