I Fell For Him

It was in the first grade
Meeting kids was oh so hard
My only friends were on the tv screen
I felt like an old maid
But then I saw across the yard
The cutest boy that I had ever seen

He never said too much in class
He always ate lunch all alone
All of the bigger boys harassed him
Throwing sticks and throwing stones
And then one day I scraped my knee
When I fell down in the gym
I saw him kneel and smile at me
He said I wouldn’t lose my limb
That was a funny joke, you see, I nearly fell for him

He said he’d walk me to the nurse
My foolish heart went pitter-pat
And then we fell in to conversing
About this and about that
I felt as happy as can be
And my heart filled to the brim
I knew I should just wait and see
Instead I went out on a limb
I whispered oh so giggly, that I just fell for him

The months went by, and nervously did I
Wait to see
If "Happily ever after" ever would apply to me

Though on the outside he seemed meek
I sensed that he was really strong
And then one day I learned his secret
And I knew I wasn’t wrong
He has a fate he must fullfill
A very solemn lonely task
I know I should move on but still
I love the man behind the mask
That's why I've waited patiently, for hi