It's A Jungle

It's a jungle in there
A tangle of twisted emotions, repressed memories
A maze of ridiculous notions, a sea of unease
A swamp of subconscious connections
Deluded projections, obsessive fixations
And rationalizations
It's an awful disease
And my analyses
Is pure Viennese

It's a prison in there
The bars are emotional schisms, one can't even see
The doors are defense mechanisms, and you have no key
A riot of dissociations
Covert sublimations, compulsion, revulsion
And fear of castration
It's a fate to avoid
Your life can be destroyed
Just ask Doctor Freud

It's a battle in there
Where id, super-ego and ego, all fight to the death
They haunt us no matter where we go, it's worse than Macbeth
Neurosis, psychosis
Perhaps through hypnosis, and questions one poses
One reaches a true diagnosis
But you have to beware
Don't get lost in despair
It's a jungle in there