Let's be beat, Let’s be-bop down that crazy street
Wearing black all day from our beret
Down to our sandalled feet

2) Let’s be beat, let’s show that cool’s not obsolete
We’ll masquerade behind our shades
Dig on each cat we meet

Let’s make it down to the village
If you will a jumpin’ bongo beat will wreck your brain, drive you insane
He’s playing crazy, cool and dizzy
Wonder is he from the Congo
Out of his gone mind or on Cloud 9

3) Let’s be beat, without a groove life is incomplete
We will be real gone from dusk to dawn
Acting somewhat indiscrete

4) Let’s be beat, let’s congregate with the hip elite
Hey daddy-o at my pad you know
We can groove on something sweet

Let’s hang around in the village
Up until that crazy sunrise burns into our brain, like Monk and Trane
We will be joking we’ll be jiving
We’ll be thriving on the rhythms
Of the the paperboys and the traffic noise

5) Let’s be beat, we can be so cool despite the heat
Like smoke some tea, dig poetry
In a dark basement retreat