Like Magic

Maybe I should wash the dishes
Maybe if I make a wish they'll disappear, like magic
Life is all too ordinary
Everything I do's so very dull and drear, it's tragic
A clue, I haven't a clue, what I should be, what I should do?

Maybe you should read the tarot
I don't believe your mind's too narrow to be shown the Tantra
Through a timeless world of bliss, flow
Where you'll surely learn there is no phrase like "om", my mantra

The way, I must find the way , who do I call, who do I pay?
If I were ever inclined to read my past lives, would I only find
A line of average housewives, or menial slaves
Cleaning out castles, cleaning out caves

You can be like Casteneda
Then you'd never be afraid of things unknown, lost knowledge
Eat a button of peyote
Talking with a wise coyote or a crow, beats college
A path, I must find a path , where I won't need to know too much math

If I could open my mind and use my third eye, that's always been blind
I'd try some wisdom to find, I'd try to refrain
From channeling sit-coms from some other plane

If you had a Guardian Angel
Certainly he'd help you change a lot of things, keep growing
He would take your life in hand and
He would look like Michael Landon would with wings, and glowing
A course, I must chart a course, where I can be at one with The Force
My problems really are quite tragic
Maybe if I made a wish they'd disappear
Like Magic