1) I’ll cry when I am happy, I’ll smile when I am blue
I’ll be sexy, I’ll be sappy, that is what I’m paid to do
I look around and see
You’re bleary eyes are all watching me

2) I’d say that maybe you drank a bit too much my tipsy friend
Should I sing that thing from Casablanca
One more time we’ll play it again
I look around and see
You’re all just as lonely as me

Do these sad old ballads haunt you?
I’ve got you just where I want you
Drink up those pretty love potions before you hear the last call
Mixed drinks with mixed emotions is one sure way to fall

3) You think one drink and you know me, you think I’m singing to you
You say you’ve something to show me, after the last show is through

Is that a wedding ring on your finger?
Where’s your wife,Why didn’t you bring her?
And me I’m just a lonely lounge singer
Waiting for the show to start
And I’ve got every key to your heart