I bet you could prove mathematically
That Santa couldn’t possibly bring
Presents to each boy and girl
Scattered all around the world
He would have to move quite acrobatically
That would be a most unlikely thing
Does it matter that he’s fatter than your chimney
Does it matter just how fast a sleigh can go
Let me paraphrase a cricket who’s named Jiminy
When he tells you wishing really make it so

Magic is just a state of mind
Don’t need wizards for a spell to bind
You can achieve it, if you believe it
And believe me it’s not hard to find

Magic lurks just around the bend
Magic works It's not just pretend
It comes from nowhere, but it will be there
Right when you need it like a trusted friend

Believe in things beyond your reach
Like starlight in the sky
Believe in things they never teach
Those wondrous things that simply mystify

Magic is just a state of grace
Like a kiss it’s so commonplace
Don’t feel dejected, you are protected
The world holds you there in it’s embrace
Believe in things that make you strong
Things your heart reveals
Though all the grownups say you’re wrong
Trust your heart to tell you what is real

Magic things they are all around
Magic sings though without a sound
Just keep on hopin’, with your mind open
And you’ll find where magic can be found
‘Cause magic is, magic is, magic is