The Master Plan

AMELIA: I thought our, mission was fighting crime
How bizarre, this is a waste of time

RHONDA: You should quit, if you don't like our group
You don't fit, you are a party poop

REGGIE: Behold my master plan
Stop your squabbling and your dissension
While I diagram
My brilliant scheme you must pay attention
Here you see the mall
A fortress in the midst of a parking lot
There might be a brawl
“X” here marks the spot

AMELIA: I just hate, these stupid uniforms
Violating all of the social norms

RHONDA: Oh ho hum, why should you even care
You look dumb, no matter what you wear

REGGIE: It's a perilous quest
The fate of Earth might hang in the balance
That's why I suggest
We make good use of our super talents
We'll be in disguise
My plan it has an elegant beauty
We must neutralize
Creatures on sentry duty

AMELIA: This plan reeks, hatched by a total fool
We're just geeks, subject to ridicule

RHONDA: If you're sure, you shouldn't sit and pout
Don't let the door, hit you on your way out

REGGIE: Our target is as shown
From his beard I soon will be parting him
He'll be on his throne
With ranks of Elvish warriors guarding him
I'll prove he's a fake
And so expose this dastardly villain
It won't be a piece of cake
It will be quite thrillin'

Behold the man, hero and champion
Behold the plan, worthy of Napoleon
It is my Master Plan