1)The cats are all prowling
Their midnight domain
The dogs are all howling
And I’m half asleep, half insane
Moon Fever, Moon Fever

2) The light through the curtains
Gleams ghostly white
And one thing’s for certain
It’s going to be one long night
Moon Fever, Moon Fever

Oh it’s just a little moon, oh it’s so romantic
But why am I immune to its po- e - try
Oh it’s just a little moon but it’s making me frantic
And it seems gigantic to me

3)There’s a noise in the attic
A drip in the sink
The radio’s static
My eyelids won’t close, they’re on the blink
Moon fever, Moon Fever

But it’s just a little moon, it’s timeless orbit
Just like a pale balloon in night’s canopy
Oh it’s just a little moon and though some may adore it
It seems abhorant to me

4) There’s a demon inside me
A chill in my bones
It’s light never guides me
But leads me astray, so lost and alone
Moon Fever, Moon Fever