1) Nice Guys, always there when you need us
Always ready to lend you a shoulder to cry on
Nice Guys always go where you lead us
Not at all like the men who you have your eye on
We’re so undemanding
So unfailingly polite
But I know that just makes us seem weak
We’re so understanding
That when we say goodnight
The best we can hope for is a peck on the cheek, oh
Nice Guys, always at your beck and call
We forgive the transgressions of the past
Nice guys, I’ve learned, if we finish at all, finish last

2) Nice guys, always there to console you
When you’re feeling so lonely, when lovers reject you
Nice guys, although we long to hold you
We won’t take advantage because we respect you
It’s something we’re used to
Still we dream about your kiss
Seems our love lives have always been cursed
We aim to seduce you
But somehow we always miss
Until some other guy is there to get to you first, oh
Nice guys know that all those other males
Have us so completely outclassed
It’s the law of the jungle, the aggressor prevails
If the race is to the swift then we are just like snails
Nice guys expect it and it never fails we finish last
Finish last
Nice guys always finish last