1) I met him on the freeway
When my car broke down he stopped and offered his assistance
He was handsome in a roguish way
He was from out of town, not afraid to go the distance
When the tow truck came he took me out for coffee
When he spoke my name, my heart just skipped a beat
Could this be my big chance
To find a perfect Hollywood romance

2) He told me he was working
For the FBI, tracking down a serial killer
How intriguing, with danger lurking
I remarked I read the occasional crime thriller
So we ended up walking on the beach at sunset
Where he interrupted our laughter with a kiss
Charmed right of my pants
By my first perfect Hollywood romance

The next few days whirled by
In a cinematic montage of romantic scenes
A love struck girl and guy
Exactly like a classic film of David Lean's
The one thing lacking was
No one could see us up there on the silver screen, or on video

3) It turned out he was really
Just an unemployed insurance salesman from the midwest
He had run off from his family
And came to L.A. to escape a charge of incest
When we said goodby, as they led him off to prison
I told him that I had nothing to regret
Despite the circumstance
He was my almost perfect Hollywood romance