A Second Chance

You can't go back, you've got to move on
You can't sit and pine for what's long gone
Really think on your future
You're starting to heal don't go and rip that suture
The coast is clear, the di's been cast
So don't play around with ghosts from the past
Consider it Kismet or circumstance
You might not get a second chance

It's plain as day, there's no dispute
One guy's loaded, one's destitute
Fate's gone and thrown you a lifeline
So take the bait this happens once in a lifetime
I don't expect he'll want to wait
He's on the prowl for the perfect mate
While you are deep in debt, he's high finance
You might not get a second chance

You've got what it takes
To make his heart beat quicken
Should I be reminding you
The clock is tickin'
Listen for goodness sake
You know you're no spring chicken
If the shoe fits wear it, like it or not
You've got to shit or get off the pot

It's no big deal, what's one divorce
Don't look in the mouth of this gift horse
It's on a silver platter
Dine at the Ritz and climb the social ladder
The time is right, so make your move
His house is furnished like the Louvre
An aging bachelorette needs some romance
So march ahead without a backwards glance
You might not get a second, or get more than you reckoned
You might not get a second chance