That's How Love Feels

Little man I'm talkin just to you
Do you shake in your shoes?
I expect you feel a bit confused
I'm dressed to kill in these stiletto heels
I need a thrill 'cause you know that's how love feels

A wicked woman drives a man insane
He'll think thoughts quite profane
Feel her icy fingers in his brain
Sparks will fly like from electric eels
You'll want to cry but you know that's how love feels

You'll shiver and shake, you'll stutter and stammer
You've never seen up close so much glamour
Your heart starts to quake like a crazy trip-hammer
'Til you think it will break

I'm a Devil woman, dressed in Red
You'll soon wish you were dead
But you'll get some living hell instead
Don't beg for mercy I don't cut no deals
It's like a curse but you know that's how love feels