1) The stars in the sky are stars that I've
Never seen before
The desert's perfume, slips into the room
'Neath my prison door
Fallen into evil hands
Abducted to this barren land
The jackal of the desert sand
And his foul and fiendish band
But riding 'cross the dunes on his stallion white
Guided by the moon, racing through the night
Closer every hour 'though we're far apart
I can feel his power, I cannot still my heart
My sheik will rescue me, My sheik will rescue me

From this dark place he will save me in spite
Of dangers he'll face this Arabian night

2) Don't try and tempt me to come to your tent
With your gifts of pearls
Save your gold rings for the more willing fingers
Of your harem girls
My sheik is coming from afar
Fate will guide him where we are
Send my love a guiding star,
To lead him here to Zanzibar
Like on the silver screen in the final reel
Like Rudolph Valentino, what a joy I'll feel
He'll take me in his arms, carry me out the door
Safe from hate and harm, we'll live forever more
My sheik will rescue me, my sheik will rescue me