We're Poor

We're poor, we have to count our pennies at the store
I need to find a job somewhere for sure
Until that day, I'm sad to say

We're poor, we can't spend like we used to spend before
I worry so, I can't help pace the floor
No one's to blame, we're not ashamed
But we're poor

We must awake to the truth of the situation
It's a mistake to pretend it's not that bad
We need to make do and practise conservation
And not think too much about the things we had

We're poor, there may be hardships that we must endure
I'm sure some day I'll ship will come ashore
Alas, alack, it's a sad fact
We are poor

It's my duty to guide and to protect you
But there are times when some things I must conceal
But this is one time I will not misdirect you
'Cause I know that you're mature enough to deal

We're poor, I don't want to have to hide it anymore
It's not the kind of thing we can ignore
It hurts me so to tell you “no”
But we're poor

We're poor, Once Mom and Dad would buy me stuff galore
Now it sure seems my future's insecure
It is no joke
We are flat broke
We are poor