Weren't We Romantic

LYDIA: How we met was so romantic

You looked swell in uniform

In that cafe on the Left Bank

Seeking shelter from a storm

JEROME: Sitting with your easel and box of paints

Feeling free of social restraints

I was pleased to make your aquaintance

Over tea and madeleine

BOTH: Strolling hand and hand along the Seine

Vive Le Gaite Parisienne

Weren't we romantic

Back then

LYDIA: When you're young it's so romantic
Trying to live your life for Art
Cooped up in that dinghy attic
With a view down on Montmarte
JEROME: I was typing madly all night and day
Trying to be Ernest Hemingway
It was worth the high price we'd pay
To live like a Bohemian
BOTH: Practicing our French “Where is my pen?”
Hoping we won't miss our rent again
Weren't we romantic
Back then

LYDIA: Don't you think it was romantic
Though it sure was an ordeal
Trying to sell my oil paintings
For enough to buy a meal
JEROME: Art is an impractical livelihood
Harder when you're not very good
Still we ate just like artists should
Moldy cheese and marzipan
BOTH: Ain't it kind of nice remembering when
We were little more than children
Weren't we romantic back then