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The Neon Coconut (2005)
The "Neon Coconut” is a run- down nightclub in the fictitious town of Sandy Grove Florida. The year is 1963, and the club has seen better days. It’s few patrons now come mostly to see Dottie White, the lounge singer, who sings jazzy, sultry ballads for the middle aged audience.

The musical focuses on the conflict between Dottie and her former best friend from high school, Colleen Brooks. Not having seen or heard from each other since Dottie left town years before, abandoning her child, Colleen is bitter, but also afraid of Dottie learning about her own secret. Having heard stories of Dottie’s return under a false name, Colleen comes to the club to confront her about her past.
Moon Fever (2006)
Moon Fever is the story of how an unexpected reunion of three sisters leads to a comedic collision and eventual reconciliation of their conflicting world views. Trish, the devotee of new age religion and Lorraine, the conspiracy theorist, deal with the consequences of Evie’s unexplained pregnancy.
Amelia Rules (2007)
A little girl who is caught-up in her own life and problems faces some tough realities and must figure out, for herself, what Christmas really means.Adapted from Jimmy Gownley's popular graphic novel series
Transference (2008)
Set in 1954, Transference is the story of Jerome Broder, a psychiatrist who has grown bored with his practice. He is asked by the military to take on a new patient, a scientist involved in a top-secret project who is exhibiting strange behavior. Jerome's growing obsession with this bizarre case puts a strain on his marriage, and threatens to turn his life upside down.