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Music & lyrics copyright Michael Cohen 2008

Songs From "Transference" (2008)
Complicated People Alma, a brilliant, insane, and rather anti-social physicist, explains herself.
Catch Me If I Fall Lydia and Jerome decide to go for their dreams. Lyrics
It's A Jungle Jerome sings about working in the state psychiatric hospital. Lyrics
Better Late Than Never Murial instructs her daughter Lydia on why she should start dating before her divorce is finalized. Lyrics
A Dream Come True Lydia's fantasy seems to be on the verge of materializing. Lyrics
Everyone Has A Story Agathe tries to convince Jerome to write about his experiences as a psychiatrist. Lyrics
A Second Chance Jane offers some advice to Lydia. Lyrics
Drifting Apart Lydia's lament for her failing marriage. Lyrics
Hooray Lydia celebrates her good fortune.
Weren't We Romantic Jerome and Lydia fondly think back to their time in Paris. Lyrics
Songs from "The Neon Coconut" (2005)
Nice Guys Aaron sings about his unrequited infatuation for Dottie, the lounge singer he has a crush on. Lyrics
Let's Be Beat Sid the beatnik, tries to entice schoolteacher Colleen. Lyrics
That Girl Teenager Annette sings what she hopes will be a top 40 hit. Lyrics
The New Frontier Colleen sings about her longing for the exciting world outside of Sandy Grove. Lyrics
Betty Sid sings about his lifelong obsession with a cheesecake model named Betty. Lyrics
First Kiss Innocent teenager Annette has just experienced her first romantic encounter. Lyrics
Lounge Singer Schoolteacher Colleen Brook finally gets to realize her lifelong dream of being a singer. Lyrics
Songs From "Moon Fever" (2006)
Calling All Bars Trish laments about her no good boyfriend. Lyrics
Like Magic Evie, Trish, and Lorraine muse on the wonders of New Age religion. Lyrics
Bahia Evie dreams of moving to Brazil. Lyrics
Carnival Trish and Lorraine try to cheer up their sister by singing about an imaginary Mardi Gras in Rio. Lyrics
Moon Fever Evie thinks she's cracking up. Lyrics
Snow Shadows Trish tells her sisters that she senses the ghostly presence of their deceased parents. Lyrics
That's How Love Feels Lorraine tries to exert her charms on the hapless martin. Lyrics
Sleep Little Gypsy Evie's lullabye to her child to be. Lyrics
Everything's A Conspiracy Lorraine's paranoid rant about the state of the world. Lyrics
Songs from "Amelia Rules" (2007)
Magic Is Tanner explains to the puzzled Amelia why you need to believe in order to make.wondrous things real. Lyrics
We're Poor Amelia's Mom discloses the secret she's been keeping from her daughter. Lyrics
G.A.S.P The Gathering of Awesome Super Pals introduce themselves. Lyrics
The Master Plan Reggie details his scheme to expose Santa. Lyrics
I Fell For Him Rhonda explains the third grade origin of her love for Reggie. Lyrics
Gimme Tanner lectures Amelia about the greedy side of Christmas. Lyrics
Fighting Over Me Amelia is confronted by various characters, real and imaginary, who are troubling her. Lyrics
Giving Amelia has an epiphany. Lyrics
Songs from Fuzzy Logic
The Sheik A silent movie in song. Imprisoned against her will.... an evil captor.... a mysterious rescuer. Lyrics
Perfect Hollywood Romance A freeway encounter leads to a bit of movie magic. Lyrics
Breathing A public service message in support of breathing. Lyrics
Almost A jazzy, country heartbreaker about obsession. Lyrics
My Turn To Turn When heading for the exit is the best revenge. Lyrics
All I get Is Blue A lament in the key of blue. Lyrics
Who Opened The Door A country flavored ballad about loss. Lyrics
Ezekiel's Wheel A tender ballad about alien abduction. Lyrics