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Nautical Scenes

Scrimshaw is one of the few American art forms, originally done by the crews of whaling ships, to pass the time on their long voyages. These artists engraved images upon the otherwise valueless whales teeth that accumulated on board, drawing scenes from their lives or portraits of their loved ones.

I began doing scrimshaw back in 1973 when I was employed by the Alaska Silver and Ivory Company in Bellingham, Washington. I was always most attracted to the most traditional subject matter- nautical scenes, though unlike the original scrimshanders I use only fossil ivory (mammoth or fossil walrus) and often use color.

On this page are some examples of my work. Please note that these particular pieces are not for sale.
Mermaids & Fantasy Scenes

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Native American Portraits
Lighthouses, Whaling, Pirates and Harbor Scenes
Pin-up Girls
Fantasy Art

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