Six wise women with different professional specialties offer ideas and strategies to move you past what limits you.

Here's what the attendees said:

  • A sage group of experienced women who offer powerful insight into what stops you from being everything you want and deserve to be.


  • A tremendously uplifting and practical approach to building success and overcoming personal barriers in one’s life. The expertise, exuberance, clarity and courage of all the presenters kept me hooked and interested in learning more.


  • Your willingness to share time, experience, and caring is evident and each of your presentations has helped me get out of my own head to “see” my life a little bit clearer. I am thankful.


  • This was a truly wonderful series – amazing how many different approaches there are to transitioning from self-shackling to freedom. All have been wonderful and so helpful! THANK YOU!!


Feel Comfort in Your Body

We often live our lives from mind and thought, leaving behind our connection to our bodies. In this workshop, you will learn some simple movements that will assist you in feeling more comfortable and connected.

Be Productive

If you struggle with motivation and feel stress about all the things you SHOULD be doing but aren’t, this session will inspire you. You’ll learn how to let go of the unhelpful self talk and unleash your own intrinsic motivation. Plus you’ll learn a useful tip for overcoming procrastination.

Make More Money

For many of us increasing our wealth is both one of our greatest ambitions and where we feel the most stuck and frustrated. In this workshop you will learn how to see and clear the hidden limiting beliefs that can cause us to sabotage our success.

Let Yourself Be Seen

How, in a society so obsessed with being looked at, are we trained to not be seen? There's a reason so many of us are hiding behind the camera. We're going discuss the pains that may be stopping you and the power of stepping up, being known, being seen.

Feel Confident

Confidence in its deepest form is the freedom to live according to your true voice. In this workshop, we’ll explore and attempt to transform one common obstacle between your outer self and that inner, confident you.

Feel A Sense of Ease

We all know that feeling of overwhelm and anxiety that arises as stress seeps in and that often increases as we start judging ourselves harshly. In this workshop, you will learn a powerful technique that you can use anytime and anywhere to help you lower stress and anxiety and shift back into ease so that you can reset, refocus, and carry on.